Online Training


There are a few steps that you will take to start online training and be successful:

The Beginning:

1. Book a discovery call with your coach. This allows us both to see what your goals are and which training/approach is the best fit.

2. Three Day Food Log/App Set Up. Log three days and download the apps that are set up for you to guide you along your fitness journey.

3. Set up the apps and complete the consultation / answer some basic questions and follow the simple steps to be ready for your program when the coach opens the training platform up to you.

4. Intake Call – First coaching call of the process where Coach Jeremy goes over the food diary and current training to set new objectives/goals. During this time, you will look over timelines and help set your benchmarks.

The Journey/Work:

1. The workouts and nutrition goals are all loaded into your apps. Follow them and provide constant feedback to your coach.

2. Schedule and Complete your weekly or monthly coaching calls with your coach. This will keep the sights on the target and allow us to adjust as necessary to ensure we achieve the goal.

3. Check your metrics, log your workouts, and nutrition.

4. Celebrate your success.

5. Learn. Grow.

End Goal:

1. You learn how to do it.

2. You have access to me as your coach when you need advice but you are able to do it on your own.

3. You have crushed your goals and are healthier/happier.


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